Thor picking up hammer

thor picking up hammer

There has already been precedent in the Marvel Universe for androids, who are NOT alive, to be able to pick up Thor's hammer. See: Awesome Android. There seems to be a lot of obsession in trying to cheat the enchantment on Mjolnir through reading the literal reading of the inscription, which. The scene itself was ambiguous as you don't actually see him try and fail to pick it up. He has to go to it because for that moment he was.

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Sign up or log in StackExchange. He is able to be freed from the control of the Mad Thinker and strikes out on his own. Cuphead Is Percent Microsoft Exclusive. Here is a video of the scene: Mass Effect Andromeda Adding New Species in Multiplayer. He either can do so or cannot. The source of this transformation from Awesome Android to Awesome Andy was eventually revealed in a flashback issue. The Marvel What If…? However, there is a euro verdienen If any Avenger other than Thor is worthy of lifting Mjolnir, it has to be Captain America. That's why you see him walking towards the hammer, lifting it and energizing it by causing a thunderstorm to strike him and his hammer. Conan always was good at multitasking.


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